The Company

January 2013 saw mainzplus CITY MARKETING GmbH emerge as a single and complete enterprise after the merger of Mainz Congress and Mainz Kultur in early 2012, and the integration of Mainz Tourismus into mainzplus CITY MARKETING GmbH in 2013.

Targets and objectives

As a company, mainzplus CITYMARKETING unifies Mainz Congress, Mainz Tourismus and Mainz Kultur including the Frankfurter Hof culture programme with the common objective of marketing the state capital as a destination for tourism, culture, and conferences. 

We at mainzplus CITYMARKETING have positioned ourselves as the main contact and service partner for visitors from Germany and beyond, as well as the citizens of Mainz. 

We aim our full range of services and positive outreach towards boosting awareness of the attractions and increasing value added for business in our city. We work together with local partners to raise the city’s profile for private and business visitors while strengthening our long-term position on the German and international markets. 

We bring people to Mainz.

Image video Mainz "Welcome to Mainz" © City of Mainz

Image video "Host for Hosts" © mainzplus CITYMARKETING



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